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Recent Successful Client Cases

Sexual Offences


Andrew De Kretser represented a client at the Court of Appeal after the client had been convicted on multiple counts of indecent assault of a child. The Court of Appeal unanimously upheld the appeal launched by Andrew De Kretser and the client was acquitted of all charges. As a result of his successful appeal, the client avoided having to serve the jail term that was originally imposed by the County Court.

Driving offences


Andrew De Kretser represented a client at the Ringwood Magistrates’ Court where he successfully persuaded the prosecution after tough and complex negotiations to drop all of the most serious driving charges that he was facing. Andrew’s client avoided going to jail and the cost of a contested trial because of Andrew’s skillful defence of him.


Intervention orders


Andrew De Kretser represented a client at the Moorabbin Magistrates’ Court in 2020 who was the respondent to a family violence intervention order. The order put restrictions on his client’s freedom and would have had a significant impact on his work and personal life if the order remained in place. Andrew successfully persuaded the Court to order that the intervention order be withdrawn against his client.


Conveyancing – off the plan purchase


Andrew and Michael De Kretser represented a client who had purchased a property off the plan. Due to acts by the vendor and its agents, the client was exposed to the risk of having to buy a property that was very different to the property that he bought years ago. Andrew and Michael skilfully navigated the minefield of off the plan contracts, successfully helped their client to end the contract, and he was refunded the full deposit that he had paid to the vendor.


Wills – deceased estates – claims against deceased estates   


Andrew De Kretser represented a client in 2020 who had been excluded from his deceased father’s Will. Andrew filed Supreme Court proceedings on behalf of his client against his deceased father’s estate and sought a substantial part of his estate. Andrew successfully settled the legal proceeding by successfully persuading the estate to give his client a large part of the estate’s assets. The result gave Andrew’s client financial security for the rest of his life.


Centrelink – discharge of debt


Andrew De Kretser represented a client in 2020 in her dispute with Centrelink who were seeking to recover money paid to her. Andrew successfully argued to Centrelink that his client should not be required to repay Centrelink due to her special circumstances. Centrelink accepted Andrew’s arguments and discharged the debt.


Drink-driving offences


Andrew represented a client at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court in 2020 who was charged with drink-driving and hitting a car as a result. Andrew successfully argued to the magistrate that his client should only receive the minimum punishment for such offences due to her specific circumstances. The Court agreed and ordered that his client’s licence would only be cancelled for the mandatory minimum period.